CoachTools PRO is a tool to ease the daily work of coaches, athletes and clubs. With a continuous feedback process and improving the quality of practising, you will help athletes and teams towards the target.

Better tools for success

Continuous feedback process

With continuous listening of athletes you will get a better view and understanding of athletes moods and feelings. You can follow teams and athletes training loads and you are able to react individually and avoid burnouts. With open text feedback you will receive valuable information about the team environment and where you can improve.

Plan your practising

Share the practise calendar and plans easily for athletes and teams. You are also able to share practise content with videos and pictures. With videos you will boost the learning effect and help athletes towards their goals. The coaching team will work better together with all the information always available for everyone.

A view to athletes and teams daily work with reports

Practise load, amount and content reporting

  • A view to athletes and teams load
  • Follow athletes practising comprehensively
  • Detailed view with practise diary
  • Centralise all practise data to one place

See and understand athletes moods

  • Follow athletes and teams moods
  • Gather feedback of every event
  • Create a better team atmosphere
  • Listen, and be an athlete centered coach


team license

  • Collect feedback from practises and games
  • Athlete and team exertion reports
  • A drill library for the team
  • Plan practise schedules and content
  • Share practise schedules and content
  • Practise templates
  • Event participation
  • Line editor
  • Message board


club license

  • A view of the entire club
  • Combines the teams of your club
  • View of wellness for the teams
  • A drill library for the club
  • Clubs history information always available
  • Share practise templates to teams
  • Support your coaches in their daily tasks
  • Create a coaching mentality
  • Send messages to the teams


school license

  • Collect feedback from parents
  • Drill/exercise library
  • Event calendar
  • Access to parents
  • Event participation notifications
  • Message board
  • Prepared templates for practises
  • Support the instructors guiding the events
  • For young junior players

team license

Collect feedback from events

Listen to the athletes and you'll get a better undestanding of condition and motivation. You'll be able to help those players who need your support the most.

Athlete and team exertion reports

You'll be able to follow a graphical report of personal and team level exertion on a daily or weekly level. With this information you can react more quickly to overexertion.

Team practise library

Create a drill and exercise library for your team. Then you can easily use them in your practise plans and templates. You can embed video or images to easily demonstrate how the exercise should be done properly.

Plan practise schedules and content

You use the event calendar to plan a practise schedule. You can add content to an event using text or drills/exercises from the library.

Sharing practise schedules and content

You can easily share schedules and content to the entire team! Updates and changes can be seen instantly by players and staff. Athletes can view the content before the event so they are more familiar with the content of practises.

Practise templates

In practise editor you can create practise templates. You can then conveniently use these templates to plan practise events more efficiently. You can template and entire practise session, or just a single section.

Event participation

You can see who's in and who's out. Participation information is always available for the entire coaching staff. This facilitates planning and information flow.

Edit and plan line combinations

Based on participation information you can plan line combinations for practises and games. Historical lines are always available and you can view them to make your planning easier. Information is shared to the entire coaching staff and everyone has the latest updates available.

Message board

Important messages no longer disappear to the endless flood of instant messengers. Team members can comment and respond and information flows better than ever.

club license

A view of the entire club

You will get view for your clubs daily actions. You will be able to help teams and coaches on their work.

Combines the teams of your club

With the club license your teams will be one organization. Coaching knowledge spreads efficiently and clubs teams will work more closer together.

View of wellness for the teams

You are able to follow welness inside the club. With this tool you can react for issues in advance and support the teams which needs it most.

A drill library for the club

You could create drills for clubs library. When clubs teams create drills for library, those are available for all the teams in the club. Coaches can share knowledge with each others and it will also available in the future.

Clubs history information always available

All the clubs coaching knowledge will be saved for the one place and is able to be used after the years. You can browse back for past seasons and see practise plans and contents. Make better plans with benefitting of this information.

Share practise templates to teams

Build your own practise library for the club with practise templates. You can build eg. clubs physical practise templates or whole session for different age groups. Start to build up your coaching structure to develop better athletes.

Support your coaches in their daily tasks

You can easily support coaches on their daily work. Build drills for them or help with pratice planning. Share coaching information trought the club.

Create a coaching mentality

Building up coacing structures from hobby groups to highest competitive top is easy. Define right drills for right age groups with key drills ot key practice templates. Be determined and raise up your clubs quality.

Send messages to the teams

Clubs operative members have opprotunity send messages for team members. You have one efficent channel to send messages and those are always available without disapearing in instant messaging flood.

school license

Collect feedback from parents

Parents are able to give feedback of events. Club can offer better events for kids With feedback function.

Drill/exercise library

You will have the CoachTools hobby drill libraries which will help you to plan better and more fun events for kids.

Access to parents

Parent will have own account for CoachTools to childs hobby events. With parent account you will see events, sign-up for events and you can give feedback. Kids can be in several clubs in different sports and parents will see all those with one account.

Event calendar

All the events are in event calendar. With calendar you will be up to date with changes and cancelations.

Event participation notifications

Parents will sign-up kids for events. With this information you can make better plans basing the information how many kids will participate for event.

Message board

Important messages are always available in messaging board and will not disappear in instant messaging flood. Hobby team parents are able to comment and answer for the posts. Information will be shared and spread efficiently.

Prepared templates for practises

Club instructors will have clubs practise templates consisting of practice and game videos or pictures. This will help to build up funny events for kids.

Support the instructors guiding the events

You can create ready made hobby events for instructors and lower the bar to jump in.

For young junior players

Hobby license is meant for younger age groups.

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