CoachTools is a mobile platform designed to facilitate the every day life of coaches, athletes and club staff. Our goal is to help you build better teams.

Versatile design features - Share your practise plan and content with the team.

Exertion & Recovery

Follow the load and exertion levels of your athletes in order to avoid overtraining.

Listen to athletes

Collect feedback constantly for a better undestanding of your athletes moods.

Messages & Communication

Increase team and club communication with comprehensive messaging.


Collect and compare test results to follow athlete development.

Drill libraries

Build a practise library for your team and club.

Comprehensive data

Collect and analyse individual athlete data.


Use pre-defined questionnaires to build a better understanding of athletes, teams and your club.

Welcome to the new era in coaching!


CoachTools brings coaching related tools to a single platform. Our goal is to create teams that function better through regular FEEDBACK. We'll help you manage time by making your planning process easier. We'll elevate your chances to SUCCEED to another level.

Improve yourself as a coach

With CoachTools Pro product you will ease your daily coaching. You will improve quality of practicing and get better view of athletes overall excertion and moods.

  • Gather feedback from the practises and games
  • Share practice plans and contents
  • Practice amounts and excertion reports
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Be an elite coach

CoachTools Elite product is for professional coaches and teams. With athlete centered coaching you are on your way to the top.

  • Listen to your athletes as a athlete centered coach
  • Improve athlete-coach relationship to get better results
  • View of group dynamics and well-being
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